The Study- L’école Internationale

  • Admissions will be opened for JKG from January 2023 for this academic year 2023-2024 till the month of June 2023. Admissions from SKG to X depends on the availability of seats. You may contact the office for further information. THOSE SEEKING ADMISSION SHOULD HAVE:-
    • Attained the age of 3 for JKG by 31st July of the year of admission.
    • Application will be rejected if the child is under aged.
    • The registration form should be accompanied by a copy of the birth certificate obtained from the Municipality or Panchayat.
    • A student seeking admission from an affiliated and recognized school should produce T.C. with a clear mention of date of birth, Caste(sub caste if applicable), Nationality.
  • The Management reserves the right to regulate admission to the school, on the basis of merit determined by their own evaluation.
  • Pupil seeking admission for class I – X will have to take an entrance test based on the syllabus of the previous class and the selection will be made on the basis of evaluation and interview.
  • Only on the submission of transfer certificate from the previous school attended and the latest progress report from the school, the admission will be confirmed.