The Study- L’école Internationale

Mr. Arnab Kumar


“I have found a place where my heart is free to dream. It is here that I belong, where strength rises from within. All the things I hope for, are mine to thrive for. I will rise to the challenge to turn my dreams into reality.

As this school defines life. I know I can! I am reaching high, to touch the sky. I am not afraid to try, to realize my dreams. Upon this crest, I will do my best, to be all that I can be. I’ll shout it to the world, I know, I can!

The road may not be easy, but no matter how long it seems, I’ll just keep walking on. I’ll never give up. There’ll always be a helping hand, and someone will be a friend. In this place that feels like home, I know I’ll never have to walk alone …

Ardent Students, Parents, Community, and visitors

It is our collective aspiration and hopes for our students to overcome their personal challenges with the “I Know I Can” spirit, and be “empowered to realize my dreams”, as “The Study” is a hub of experiential learning with different career-oriented courses viz Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, Nanotechnology, Stem cells, Robotics Biomimicry, Drone Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Tissue Engineering, Pyramidology, Financial literacy program, Atal Tinkering Lab, Composite Lab, Mathematical Aids( Mathematics Lab), Navagraha Garden, Star Garden, Herbal Garden, Zodiac Garden, Vegetable Garden, Kindergarten's Kinder Garten, Baby Night out, Fossil wood, The school of Languages, Language Circle, Drop everything and Read, Solar panels, Rain water Harvesting Mini Marathon, Basic Life support course-Advanced Life Support Course( American Heart Association) ,Maintenance Repair and operation ( Aircraft ) and many more as our infrastructure is designed to equip with excellence to cater all the goal oriented programme. We understand better the students’ difficulties after passing out class 12 exam as everyone cannot reach out to reputed medical colleges and IIT. Our beloved mentor maverick Dr.K. M. Cherian’s mission and vision is to see every student who passes out from Study” have a better job and life and not be underemployed. Further to date the only school in Puducherry with a swimming facility and all kinds of sports facilities.

“The Study" is not just a school, it is a home for our students, a place where they can find genuine care, love, and warmth from their teachers, teachers who believe in them, walk alongside them, and support them all the way to become persons of good character, equipped with a set of life skills in pursuit of their passion.

We help our students redefine success in life as we recognize that many of them are naturally talented and are good with their hands.

Reboot learning experiences and taste success: We want our students to know that their class 10 and 12 score does not define who they are, and we believe they have natural talents yet to be uncovered. Hence, we provide a “caring” environment with an “integrated hands-on” learning curriculum, so that our students love coming to school to discover their strengths and passion, feel motivated, and inspired, and experience success in areas beyond academics.

Re-condition habits toward self-discipline: We set high expectations on discipline and put in place routines to regulate our students’ social habits, emphasizing the importance of social-emotional learning and teamwork to help them empathize, love, and care for one another, and appreciate the school and the environment. We hope they develop a deep sense of identity, pride, and belonging. Restore self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. We provide a skills-based, practice-oriented curriculum to excite and better engage our students in experiential learning in a “real-world”, authentic, environment. We strategically scaffold our teaching and learning, integrating academic and vocational education, as well as enrichment programs to equip our students with life skills, help them to discover their interests, and talents, and taste success beyond the academic areas.

It is my pleasure to work alongside my team of dedicated teachers and staff who have a big heart for our students and who have joined “The Study” to play a role in this exceptional “life-giving” and “life-changing” work. I am so glad we all share a common vision and a strong conviction and belief that every student can become someone significant with strength of character who can contribute to our community, India, and beyond. This is why our school is a place for “Advocating a Promising Future for Every Student”.

I take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders – Board members, Parents, and Partners who play significant roles in the educational transformation of our students. Board members provide the advisory role to the school, parents take care of the well-being and development of the child at home and partners provide opportunities for our students via internships, industrial attachments, and character development of our students. Together, I am confident “The Study” will continue to grow from strength to strength and scale new heights.

Arnab Kumar