The Study- L’école Internationale

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About Us

Dr.K.M.Cherian Educational Society, in a response to the need of creating Futuristic Schools, to cater to the present generation, laid foundation to The Study-L’école Internationale in 2006 with 25 students and 4 teaching and 5 non teaching staff.

An International school set in an idyllic 22 acres lush green campus. Its tranquil vicinity, secure environment, aesthetic infrastructure and complementing ambience make it a perfect place for education. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi (in the year 2010) and committed to the cause of moulding young minds. True to its motto, TO EXPLORE…TO EXPERIENCE… TO EXCEL…,the school has excellence at its core.

Over a period of 10 years the school has grown in strength and in terms of infrastructure providing holistic education to the children in and aroumd Puducherry.

From a humble beginning the school has taken giant steps and stands tall with 1654 students, 103 teaching and 96 non teaching staff.

The class rooms are now set up in two different blocks housing the primary kids in 26 class rooms and the secondary and senior secondary students in 14 class rooms apart from the laboratories, library, activity and conference rooms..

The first batch of 10th students passed out in flying colours in 2012, followed by the first batch of 12th in 2014, bringing laurels to our school with commendable results.

The school also extends its service to the weaker section of the society by providing free education to more than 34 underprevileged students from the neighbourhood adding up 5 new students from the category every year.

Our Objectives… Our Forte…
  • To facilitate a holistic development of every child entering the Study Family, keeping them in line with global trends and current pedagogical patterns.
  • To provide a healthy learning environment paving way for comfortable learning, with due respect to individual differences and the current and future needs.
  • To promote critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills and information and media skills.
  • To provide value based inputs, strengthening life skills, equipping the child to face life’s challenges, solve problems, make the right decision and emerge as confident individuals with strong physical and emotional health.

Our vision is to be Passionate Learners, Global Citizens, Future Leaders . Our mission is To strive to excel, Igniting passion, To meet the challenges of the future.

Our infrastructure….our pride…

The school is proactive in creating quality learning spaces through the seamless integration of physical spaces and learning processes driven by an innovative curriculum.

Well planned spacious classrooms housing Digital Interactive smart boards, packed with Audio visual modules to enhance classroom learning.

  • Audio Visual room hosting various events.
  • Counseling room to attend to individual emotional needs of the child.
  • Activity rooms- Indoor & Outdoor Play areas for beyond classroom activities.
  • Mathematics Laboratory for extensive and practical learning of mathematics.
  • State of the Art Computing and Technology department.
  • Well equipped libraries with junior and senior section attached with department of information science.
  • Junior Science Composite Lab to ignite scientific thinking.
  • Science Laboratories – Physics Lab; Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab for our emerging scientists.
  • Optimal play facilities and fields to accommodate Cricket Net Practices; Basket-Ball Court; Tennis court;Archery field, Carom & Chess in Indoor games hall.
  • Music Room to teach Key boards, Guitar, violin & Drums.
  • Experts to teach Performing Art, Arts & Craft and both Classical & Western Dances.
  • Full fledged Cafeteria.
  • Parents’ corner and Meeting Rooms.
  • Staff Rooms in every floor for both the blocks.
  • Knowledge centre
  • Infirmary to attend to minor ailments
  • Swimming pool with regular classes under expert training
  • Garden with vermicompost pits
  • Aviary , Rabbit Hutch, Aquarium

Resourceful, highly qualified, well trained, experienced, highly motivated teaching faculty to cater to the individual needs of every child adopting innovative teaching methods, committed to the cause of education. .


Our curriculum has been uniquely woven with the strands of multiple intelligence, tangential and ingenious thinking and differentiated and experiential learning. The curriculum is student centered comprising of five components; Academics, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Sports and Life skills. Focusing on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and the latest guidelines from CBSE , we have meticulously framed the scholastic and co-scholastic activities, formative and summative assessments and remedial teaching. Based on these assessments and observations the students who need singular tutoring are identified and education programmes are devised in harmony with their abilities and strengths. By recognizing, appreciating and evaluating their personal and social qualities, attitudes and interests, we connect with students in motivating them to overcome their inhibitions and appreciate their true potential. Kinesthetic learning

The school adopts special theme each year and directs the students to come up with projects based on the theme of the year. Learning happens through hands on experience.

Based on the insight and motivation given by our Founder Chairman Dr.K.M.Cherian, This year, focus is given to Biomimetics or biomimicry– an imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Students come up with working models and power point presentations that would portray new technologies inspired by biological solutions at macro and nanoscales ranging from aircraft models imitating flight adaptation of birds to Velcro tape mimicking multiple hooked structures such as burs in thorny plants.


The school encourages the investigation; manifestation and excellence of varied multiple intelligences. The curriculum opens avenues for children to learn, and demonstrate their wisdom in myriad ways.


Our instructional process is premeditated to allow children work at a comfortable pace individually, in pairs and groups, based on readiness, interest and learning style. Concepts are charted meticulously to ensure seamless transitions and clear progressions in each subject. Teachers consider the pace of learning, interests and abilities of each student, and accordingly support her/his needs.


Co-scholastic activities at The Study are extensions of the classroom teaching. Co-scholastic activities range from Music, Dance, Swimming to Art and Craft, Hobbies and Sports. All students participate in co-scholastic activities on all week days. Hobby and work experience classes, Inter House competitions are scheduled at a convenient timing to accommodate them without interference with regular class.


Assembly is a regular feature at The Study. For specific celebrations like national days, festivals, cultural presentation and recognition of achievement and awards, special assemblies are calendared. Attendance is compulsory for all. Active participation in the assembly gives an opportunity to every student to overcome fear of facing the gatherings, gain self confidence, showcase and develop their skills and talents.


Each child is welcomed into a House from Kindergarten onwards which will remain the same till the child continues to be on the school roll. The Houses EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE and TOPAZ are the focus of most of the activities outside the classroom and serve to promote team spirit, friendly and healthy competition in sporting, literary and cultural activities. They also help to promote a sense of belonging amongst the members of the School who are from different backgrounds. House appointments provide opportunities for promoting leadership skills among the students.


Our PTA is a platform designed to equip parents on the Common Core Standards of our school and empower them to support the transition at school and at home. A vital collaboration where parents are invited to extend their support in all areas for the constant growth of our students and our school


The Past Pupils Association comes into existence in the year 2014 as we send out our first batch of alumnae out into the competitive world. Its goal is to establish an abiding relationship with all those who have crossed the portals of THE STUDY and stay connected to their alma mater.