The Study- L’école Internationale

Parents Corner

Your child is very special to us. Keeping this in mind, we at “The Study” will strive for your child’s excellence in all the proposed areas to make him/ her a holistic being. It’s been our pleasure to have parents involved in some areas of the school activities. We at, “The Study” have realized that the participation of parents proves to improve and aid the school in many areas. We have few clubs and we invite parents to join. The study will be working in close association with the parents to make the above successful. These clubs aim at building a strong, healthy relationship with the school and the children who will be on a continuous progress in their various areas of strengths and weakness. This collaboration aims to bring out the best of the parents whose expertise lies in various arenas of life. This expertise and experiential learning is a rich resource that can be used to help other parents, children and teachers in creating higher levels of awareness to face the current challenges in the world. A few clubs we have formed are Book and Nature Club, Philately and Numismatic Club, Cooking and Baking Club, Brain Club. International Relations