An overwhelming response to our online initiative. We are encouraged ……. Thank You !!!

Respected Principal Mam,
 I am Mrs.SHELEENA, Mother of DEVARCHANA (I-C).
 I would like to share my impression on the videos posted by the teachers of first standard. These thoughts were lingering in my mind from the moment I watched those videos. But due to my own hectic schedule of online classes, I couldn't convey them till now. But I think "Better Late than Never", especially when it comes to good words of appreciation.
 What struck me most about the videos was that a teacher (ANAMIKA MAM) felt the need to post a video to deal with pronunciation of letters. Not a lesson, not even the pronunciation of words, but the key focus is the pronunciation of letters - vowels and consonants. Well Begun is Half Done. Thus commencing the learning of a language with the correct pronunciation of letters is the best way for mastery of speaking skill in it. There are many means to learn and improve pronunciation in English. But being a parent from South India, with multiple misleading videos in You Tube, a video made by the teacher is really trustworthy and reassuring. The teacher's confidence and vibrancy instills interest in kids and boosts their energy.
 The videos of English and Maths by JENIFA MAM, SIVASANGARI MAM, PADMAPRIYA MAM and PRATHIKA MAM are equally praiseworthy. Enactment of the story 'The Sun and the Wind' is really a treat. My daughter likes to listen to it while going to sleep. Thus while her mother is busy with preparations for next day's online classes, she listens to bedtime story from her teachers.
 Thank you mam for your able guidance which makes all this possible.
 Thank you and your whole team - The Study Family


Dear Madam,
 I am Surya, Lakshan's mother. He is in IX 'A' sec.
 The value education class is very useful. Thanks for teaching good values to the students. This is what more important in their life.
 I thank the school principal and the management for making it. Please make this class compulsory even after the school opens. Thank you.
yours truly,

R. Surya

Dear principal,
 It is good. My child is getting benefited from it during the days of quarantine. He is comfortable with the zoom app. The interaction between students and teachers are becoming easy and smooth. He is able to understand the classes and do his homework regularly.

-Ms. Brinda S

 Online Classes for 10th standard of The Study have been going on for the past 10 days. It is a historical happening of conducting classes with technology rather than the blackboard teaching. The necessity came because of the pandemic situation due to the spread of Corona virus, the so called COVID - 19. From my perception, the online classes are useful in the following ways:
 1. They restore the academic ambience to the students, especially in the long leave declared for 21 days.
 2. It gives opportunity to converse with the teachers and peers using the technology tools, hence useful to clarify the doubts through interaction.
 3. The given worksheets are useful to update the academic touch.
 I thank Principal mam, and school management for this innovative initiation by engaging the students throughout the week. I humbly hereby state that the Chemistry class taken by Principal mam was very appealing and liked by students of 10-B. As a parent, I request you to continue the teaching for Chemistry subject for 10-B.

- Ms. Lalita Nagarajan

 The appreciative and indebted work of conducting online classes are genuine and heart-warming .It gives a window into the workings of virtual school and expose the value of a student/brarent place on becoming a part of a supportive school community.
 The teachers work is phenomenal. It provides a dedicated, fun learning, organized deep learning of the subject. This has installed love learning and has a greater impact on students study. It’s more convenient and flexible to mildew the kids via the virtual classroom as they are excited over this online platform meeting.
 Moreover it provides an opportunity to plan the study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. These benefits help the students to balance their work commitments. It improves their interaction amongst and greater ability to concentrate. The virtual classroom learning offer shy and reticent students with an opportunity to participate in class deliberations at ease then face to face discussions, with help of their parents aside.
 The conduct of these classes through applicable links has invariably enabled the students to have a sense of taste over the pervasive technology and further empowers their technical skills by understanding the connectivity. The students take more comfort in the solid education virtual learning delivers and the incorporation of audio/video materials into teaching /assignments are the highpoints.
 The effort of the principal, management and teachers are more appreciable for this efficient alternative in spite of the infuriating epidemic situation and it has been a wonderful startup of the academic session 2020.
 Hats off to the teaching community….

K.VAITHEKI B.E., M.Tech (IS).,(P.hD)

Asst. Professor, Department of Computer Science

Pondicherry University , Parent of B.Krish Raghav, Class and section : IV 'C'

Dear Principal,
  I would like to thank the principal and teachers of ‘The Study‘ for taking up this initiative of online teaching.
 As parents we were at a loss of how to help our children continue their academics during this unprecedented crisis. While we were struggling to keep our children engaged, the online classes have come as a boon at the right time.
  Teachers have put in great efforts to make the classes both engaging and informative. Homework is being given in the form of worksheets and practical tasks. The online classes have avoided disruption of the academic year and will aid in the smooth transition to class room teaching.
 Another important aspect that has to be mentioned is the psychological impact on kids due to the current scenario. Having lost their freedom to move about freely, they feel trapped in the claustrophobic environment. Online classes have given them a let out from this situation. As kids are able to see their friends and teachers everyday ,it is creating a sense of familiarity and normality for them. It makes them look forward to their classes everyday.
 I appreciate the timely decision to start online learning. Kudos to the Management, Principal and Teachers for their tremendous effort.


Dr Ayesha

Parent of Tanisha P and Asma P studying in 8th and 2nd standards respectively.

Hello Madam,
Greetings of the day!!!!!!
 First of the all, I appeal to one and all to join hands with the Government of India, Government of Pondicherry to fight against this unexpected situation. Stay home and stay healthy.
 Ok, secondly I really appreciate the work carried out by the management, staff and the concerned authorities for the effort they have put to donate their time and energy so that the next generation to gain some knowledge and be active during this emergency time also.
 I thank each individual who has taken this initiative and made it successful. The effort to teach online is very challenging and require patience and great effort as the students should also get adjust to this environment. But I really appreciate the effort taken by the teachers to carry out the task very successfully.
 As far as the classes are concerned, the classes are going on uniformly and the information given by the teachers during the class time is even fruitful. The assignments are also very useful to the students so that the students can recap what they have learnt during the class and send it by time so that they understand the value of time and even parents get the responsibility to take care about their wards even more effectively.
 One small suggestion is can the classes be twice in a day like morning 11.30 to 12.15 and during evening time also.
 Overall the online class and teaching is really appreciable and a good effort taken by the school authorities.

With Warm Regards


Research Scholar (QIP)

Department of CSE

Pondicherry Engineering College


 Hi everyone, I am Krishna Priya from 6th EL. So, this is my studying thoughts about the online classes. We were actually arrested in home with our mom & dad saying, if you go out will be affected with Covid-19 disease it was actually fast spreading disease which every person could get it, if it was school this time every child would get that disease & would be suffering for (his/her) life. That is why the government of India told it would be holidays until this disease comes under control. So, I was really getting bored. That time I was told by my teacher to attend online classes from1st Apr. I thought it would be boring but, it was really good & we could control social distance with each other, maintain a hygienic environment without going out of our homes, staying safe, clean & save our Indian economy through fuel consumption of our school transportation by learning with these online classes. I could see the class and here it properly & I love the Zoom class because the teacher was kind, polite & friendly the class was joyful by meeting my friends, asking doubts &etc., etc…
 The main things that made the online classes more useful are that only few schools are keeping these classes including our school while the others are not. The benefits from this are when they are conducting online classes we are taking hints, doing worksheets & classwork which are posted in our school group. Therefore when the school reopens we can easily finish our portions and enjoy our holidays but, other schools who are not having online classes will face lot of difficulties in finishing their portions, due to the late reopening of their schools.
 The next benefit is we children are important and of course education is necessary so, we are following a rule what frogs do that is frog can jump from the first Lilly pad to second one but not that third, if it jumps like that it will fall into the water same way we kids can not finish the first level to the third level so each level the writing & reading skills go higher & higher therefore, if we practice these skills in the holidays then able to do everything fast in the school reopening.

Written by


VI-EL,The Study

 I would like to extend my appreciation to the school for having opted for online teaching during the time of the pandemic Coronavirus crisis. My respect for the school grew even more after having sat with my son and started listening to the teachers. I found the teachers possessing skills and they too, had command over the language which is hardly found in many schools in Puducherry. My son who is currently promoted to VII standard finds the online very interesting and is punctual for the classes. After witnessing this, I would like to give the credit the teachers for making the online classes more interesting for the children. I want to share here in this post about what my son said about the online classes by the teachers of your school. When I had insisted my son go for free online classes offered by one of the renowned online teaching applications for children, the comment my son gave after the class was, "my teachers teach better than those free online application teachers". This is the kind of place the teachers have occupied in the hearts of children. Kudos to the teachers. I too, vote for what he said.




Vanakam, Hope everyone is safe at home.
 My daughter Jeevana has entered to Class 9 and she is taking up the online classes conducted by the school. At the outset I would like to thank the teachers and appreciate the Management for the excellent opportunity provided to the students.
 Generally, when we parents think of online classes we consider many aspects like their effectiveness, safety and feasibility and many more, inspite of paying a huge sum of money. But this online class provided by the school is done through an app called ZOOM, which is very simple and user friendly. The teachers interact and communicate easily with the students. Once the online class is started the teacher mutes all the participants so that she is audible without any disturbance. In the last few minutes of the class, all of them are unmuted and now the students clarify their doubts. Similarly when the teacher ends the session every participant is disconnected. So this online class is not only easy but also safe.
 Classes for all the subjects Mathematics, Science, Social, Tamil, French and Hindi have started and the children are finding it interesting. Worksheets have been posted to them and they can send the completed sheets on whatsapp or email to the teachers, which are discussed.
 In such a critical situation prevailing today, this online class is a “BOON IN CURSE “ -ZOOM IN CURFEW. I request the students especially that of the 10th and 12th standard to make use the opportunity to the fullest as the teachers have put their effort and time to convert this lockdown period in the best possible way.As parents we must motivate and also monitor our children by giving our support and making their efforts a grand success.
 Let us submit our sincere gratitude to the Teachers, the Principal and the Management of THE STUDY for such a valuable opportunity given to our children.
On Behalf of all parents,


Myself ,mother of your II- B STD student J.D.Manish.
 I would like to appreciate the online classes initiative which is really good & kids really enjoy it so much. Mrs.Shanti especially coordinates really very well and make kids to engage theirself with atmost fun.
 Have attached a video of my kid who recites himself the story which was tought today morning in his own simple language.
Good initiative....All the best.
May God bless everyone with good health and peace of mind at this hard time.
Stay safe.

- V.Sivasankari

My Son Saravan Kumar Suresh is studying VII EL.
 The online classes initiated by The Study- L’école Internationale School is a prodigious solution during this Covid-19 pandemic home stay situation. Children had a golden opportunity to get collaborated and continue their studies using the latest cutting-edge technology leading to enjoyable learning as well as sharpen their skills. Due to constant daily virtual meetings it created a Self-study and adaptable habits. Subsequent to these classes, they were given an assignment which made them to practice on their own and understand the subject better.
 Evenly spaced with limited time class schedule provided them a blended learning. The classes were having specific agenda & participants with teacher focusing and addressing each needs of the student and backed up thru crystal clear Whatsapp and their school skies powerful communication tool for assisting them in their assignments.
 Meticulous thanks for the school in making learning a fun activity thru these live sessions introduced at a very short notice as a solution and making the kids knowledge growing to next level.
Have a good day!

With Regards,

Suresh S

Dear Madam/Sir
 First of all, I thank for the initiative taken by the school to conduct online classes during lockdown.
 Teachers they do their best to prepare e-materials and handle the children online. As working parents due to nationwide lockdown, we are also able to sit with them to help them to use internet efficiently for studying instead of wasting data package.
 Children are happy about 40 mins class daily and to meet their classmates online.
 They do their home work and the activities shared by their teachers.
 Though the class and assignments are given online, students will surely miss the individual attention, guidance and care given by teachers to make the students understand the concepts.
 We notice them, (primary level students) they get worried when they are not able to follow, or hear voice due to network issues. Hope, soon we all get relief from COVID-19, and teachers, and students can achieve 100% in teaching learning process.
 Once again we take this opportunity to thank our school principal, teachers and management for online class.
We are proud to be a part of The Study School.
Thank you

With regards

P. Salini

Dear Madam,
 I am glad to express my deep thanks and appreciation for all the efforts that your school officials exerted in preparing the online classes. I was really impressed by your innovative methods of teaching and the way you used in the learning process. My kid spent a very amazing time from your online class. I have a very good memories about it.
 Thank you again. Wishing you the best and hopefully that you will achieve more success and prosperity for in favor of your school.

Best regards.

Kamaraj Shanmugam

F/O. Thanvin Chiddarth K, Grade I (B Section)

Dear Madam,
 It is a great initiative taken by THE STUDY school conducting classes through the zoom platform. This shows a commendable effort by using the technology to overcome the difficult situations. At this lockdown period, children are the most affected as they lost their freedom to go out and play and engage in other outdoor activities. The commencement of classes through zoom greatly welcomed by the kids and parents. It helped them in utilizing their time in a productive manner and doing many assaignments. So the school management deserves a great appreciation for these online classes. It takes a lot of effort and planning and needs support from both teaching and technical staff. Also, a great leadership of the principal requires a special mention. Let's fight against COVID 19 !!!

Girish C

F/o Adwitha G VI C

Dr. Girish C, Associate Professor,

Department of Pharmacology,

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER)

Good evening ma'am  I am very happy to know that you have arranged online classes keeping in mind the corona virus, but some problems are also coming up at this time.asnetwork server very down so voice and video are not coming clearly.please give some suggestions for future classes. Thank you

Ganga Rathore

Respected mam,
 Thank you for your efforts to continue classes even during the Covid 19 pandemic. My suggestion is that it would be beneficial for Class 10th students if the number of classes is increased to atleast 4 subjects per day.
Thank you mam

N. Umadevi

Mother of Harshine.K ( X-D)

Dear Alice ma'am,
 Hope you and your family is keeping safe in these challenging conditions.
 First of all, I would like to thank and sincerely appreciate your decision of starting the classes online. My daughter Anjali Anoop is into second std and I initially doubted the need for this for lower classes plus how will the school make necessary arrangements to have this done efficiently in such a short time.
 My daughter was excited to hear this (to my surprise) and was eagerly waiting for the classes. I too got interested and joined her for the first session just to see how things are going.
 To my surprise, it was a very good class. Her class teacher Hema mam ensured that she interacted with all the students and I could all of them responding to her questions. Yes, there are areas of improvement which will happen day by day as the class progresses. Its a new environment so teachers and students will take time to get used to it.
 It has kicked off really well, we could see that the teachers have been trained for this. They showed lots of patience and care in responding to the queries raised by students as well as parents and it was a good interactive session. I hope all the remaining classes will be go smooth like this.
 Thank you once again for thinking about the future of the students during these difficult times and appreciate your leadership skill and the teachers commitment in conducting these efficiently.

Regards Anoop

(Parent of Anjali Anoop Std. II A)

 Online classes are an indicator of high-tech development. It reduces our precious time, in getting things organized and that too within our reach. The Study school's innovation of teaching through online, help students tremendously during this lock down period. It helps the young students immensely committed in following manner:
 1. Even during COVID-19 lock down period the upper primary students are introduced into their curriculum in an interesting manner.
 2. It helps to keep the students updated through the interaction with their qualified teachers; thereby fulfilling the curriculum needs as well as obeying the lock down period.
 Thus the introduction of online classes by "The Study school" is the first of its kind in Pondicherry, keeping in line with their motto "Strive to Excel"

With Respect

R A Harshitha {IV C}

Hi mam,  Initially when I heard about online teaching for class 1,i had a thought how kids will sit and listen for 45 minutes..... But my daughter really enjoyed it.... And I really should mention about padmapriya mam , she is so patient in explaining us how to connect in zoom and taking our questions and answering so politely, she is also taking individual care to the kids...


Feedback on Zoom sessions-
 It’s great experience to be part of this special e-learning course. First day session, had some issues like- the internet connectivity and background disturbances. But succeeding classes were smooth. The teacher has really put in lots of effort to make the session interesting. As the students are being exposed to new teaching and learning tool they are very excited and want to explore various options available during the sessions like asking queries by raising hand or by private chats etc.
 These sessions will be definitely useful to blend and to develop new learning and teaching experience, which can be to be more interactive, creative and interesting. The sessions schedule was well designed meticulously. Enough prior communication as well as clarification was provided by the class teacher regarding these sessions before itself. Forty-minute session is just enough to maintain the student’s concentration without losing interest. This new way of teaching using electronic platforms allow learners to discover the answer themselves and explore how to use tools such as videos to become more independent learners.
 In this time of lockdown maintaining the spirit and starting the fresh academic year with full speed interest has really created interest among young learners. Every day my son is looking forward to learn something new. I appreciate the sincere effort and the hard work put by each of his teachers and also Principal mam.

Dr Sandhya Bhat

Mother of Adarsh Sastry- IV C

Dear Sir/Mam,
 The online classes was very useful to me because the vacation was boring. I could not go to my friends house and to some places and I was forced to stay idle at home. Even I could not get books for my 8th class subjects because of government's 144 decision. This video class was following government's decision and giving a school like atmosphere. This was a good idea and makes us isolated to prevent COVID-19. When we are in school we always dream about the holidays but now we are hating the vacation and now our minds are ready to go to school and learn. As the days are worst it's not possible to reopen the school and the online classes makes it possible in home. Now everyone is using phone in home and wasting our time but it make us at least to learn for 80mins per day. This helped me to spend the vacation usefully. Now me and my friends are doing the homeworks together and learning. Thank you teachers for online classes.


Yashwant Gokul P

Dear Sir/madam
First of all many congratulations for successfully conducting of online classes.
  My daughter Nayra kohli is from SKG-C.Her classes are conducted by Subhashni mam her class teacher.
 My genuine observation about the class is that even though they are kindergarten kids but they are very well behaved and very well mannered. Everybody sit at one place for whole 40 min and listen to class teacher very well.
  Subhashni mam is 100 percent successful in keeping lil angles well occupied and understand all the topics like a regular class.
  Only issue is sometimes some parents speak in between the classes which intrupt it . This can be avoided by sending seperate messages to the parents so that they can be little carefully during the class and will not talk in between the class.
 Also I will like to highlight that this is a good initiative taken by school authorities and Principal. It can save children timming and keeping them busy in a productive work.
 If online classes will be successfully taken for a Weeks time than may be instead of one, two classes can be taken.

Thanks and Regards

Sakshi Kohli

Respected madam
 Online classes are good and nice. This classes are helpful to increase student’s computer knowledge. But my small suggestion is to extend the class’ duration to 2 hours.
Student name: D.DAVID MOSES V-A

Thanking you, Yours sincerely,

Mrs.Revathi Daniel

 The initiative by the school to conduct zoom classes during this quarantine period is very good. The time is spent learning and doing school work which would otherwise be spent in front of tv and iPad. But the teachers are not aware of many features in the app. Would be very good if all parents cooperate and make the children be quiet while the classes are going on... this could be achieved by the teachers by firmly laying down some ground rules. Thank you mam for the initiative.

Malathy Viknesh

 I take this opportunity to thank all good hearts who have worked out the online classes. Even though we could not do our day to day activities because of pandemic and quarantine due to the outbreak of covid-19 The Study has done a exceptional work beyond their call of duty as Government of Puducherry and Education Department have ordered closure of all educational institutions till June 2020. But The Study school has kept the exams to be conducted in July 2020 and taken the most prominent weapon of technology for online classes that is used in other schools only for students of higher standards as they have to appear for public examination. This measure will reduce burden on the students when school reopens in June 2020.
 I would like to give a suggestion that as everyday classes and homeworks are shared by teachers to the parents through whatsup I kindly request The Study school management to follow the same procedure of sharing portion covered and homework details on daily basis with the parents to make the education of every child a combined effort of school, child and parents.
 Last but most important note or the core of this letter is to thank all the brave but kind hearts who have worked when every one else is fearing the pandemic and the basic needs.
 I would like to share a moments of truth in this opportunity, when my son was not well and hospitalised I personally went to The Study to meet The Principal to request Ms. Alice to request medical leave for my son for a brief period fearing a acedamic years loss, but to my surprise The Principal listened carefully to my son's case and said "hard times don't last but harder people do" she also added "don't worry about your son's education that's our part, go and take care of his health. Those words were a boost to my morale.
Thanking you.
Yours Sincerely

S Ponkumaran

Respected Principal,
 This is a letter of thanks to all teachers who had taken an extraordinary effort in testing times. When the lock down started we were apprehensive how to keep the children engaged and thanks to your efforts, we are having a smooth sail. Our sincere appreciations to the school especially the principal and her team for switching over to the technology and reaching out. With this new initiative the children also started adapting themselves quickly and we were amazed to see the children’s sync with teachers. We also understand the efforts taken to streamline the classes within a short span of time and made it work. Kudos to the dedicated teachers and enthusiastic children. In addition to the personal demands of working from home, we see the professionalism of the teachers in uploading of videos, notes, worksheets etc. and answering the unending queries of children. We see their patience in accepting the ok mam...., yes mam........ conversations, curiosities, anxiety messages and efficient handling of the children while they criss-cross personal vs formal chats etc. Thank you teachers and keep the good work going.
 We saw the happiness in the children faces after connecting to the teachers and friends online and smiles when the teachers interact or when the class teacher or principal joins the group. Side by side you have also kept the parents on heel to get the homework done.... a big task. A new experience for the children to be on a holiday as well as on work, giving them a feel of how the world will be in the near future.
 We thank and wish the best for the wonderful teachers, principal and the administration for keeping the children focussed on academics which has helped in diverting them from the fears of the pandemic and providing an environment for self engagement and social distancing.
Thanks and best wishes,

Dr. N. Ganeshan & Dr. C. Aruna

(Parent of G. Thapaswin, X-B)

Dear Madam,
 No "Thank You" would ever be enough for your decision to reopen the school on 1 April 2020 as per the schedule.
 Unfortunately, I had to take my child out to the nearest ATM and thereafter to the market for buying some essentials immediately after the announcement of the lockdown on 24 March and she came back home thoroughly traumatised. The streets were dark, scary and completely desolate!
 The opening of the school was like the much eagerly awaited ray of hope beyond the seemingly endless dark tunnel! This was like the beginning of return to sanity! It felt as if somebody lent a hand so that we could start getting a grip on the situation!
 I am so surprised to find how my child's Class teacher, Language teacher, PT teacher, Phonics teacher all have been trying to make the virtual classrooms as real as possible. How engaging homework they have been giving. I am so pleased to learn that two teachers are being engaged for one class: in case one teacher experiences technical glitches, the other can step in. Also, the well-thought-out and well-prepared lesson plans certainly deserve a very special mention.
 My most sincere apologies to all the children of The Study and beyond. As a parent I am so sorry that we couldn't hand you over a better world than this! This is not the age when we should ask you to stay home, stay indoors, rather the age when parents should ask you to go and explore the world, "Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, Follow every rainbow, 'Till you find your dream."
 A huge applause for the online party! What a brilliant concept to start the vacation in a cheerful manner. Thanks for teaching the children to remain cheerful and chirpy no matter how difficult the times are.
 I am very optimistic that with the help of the supportive teachers like you the children would manage to get over the trauma of these days very soon. The way you all have been guiding them through these days would surely turn them into much better and responsible habitats of the planet earth.
 I must say like all the angel warriors, doctors, nurses, media people, and everyone else, who have been ensuring that our life goes on in the habitual rhythm, you all are warriors too. My salute to the Principal Ma'am, all the teachers and staff of The Study.
May God bless you all for your dedication! Regards Debbarna and Pijush

(Cataleya Banerjee's (I-D) parents)

Respected Principal Mam,
 I am a native of Kerala, and stay in KV Staff Quarters, Pondicherry University Campus along with my aged parents and my five year old daughter (DEVARCHANA P. - I C).
 When all the restrictions related to Covid-19 began, my daughter was so depressed specially because her father got stuck at abroad with no chance of return any soon. Being a single child, she felt trapped here in this staff quarters. She was so excited about school reopening and new class. Once the lockdown began, she started pretend play school with her new school bag and dolls and teddies. She would eat food only from lunch box and snacks box. I was so tired of either being a teacher or student in her play.
 Thus, the announcement about online classes was really a great relief to me. But I was really apprehensive about how a first standard child could make use of online classes. Frankly speaking, I felt it might be only a way to demand fee payment as Govt. told all staff should be paid at this time.
  But now I am overwhelmed with joy to see the change these classes brought in my lonely, depressed child. She is so enthusiastic about it. Getting ready for the class, attending the class and the homeworks are more than enough to get her engaged along with TV and toys.
 The sessions are so well planned that so far they gave an effective recapitulation of what they had already learnt. The home assignments are planned in such away that they can be completed with available materials at the time of lock down.
 The teachers are so passionate about what they do. JENIFA MAM wih her affectionate tone and lively talk, ANAMIKA MAM with her ever pleasant smile and attractive voice and MANIVANNAN SIR with beaming energy trapped in static position - they all do a great job. Each and every word by them is so reassuring to the kids that their school is still with them. The materials posted timely in school skies support the learnibg process greatly.
 Heartfelt thanks to the Study - Principal Mam, Management and all the staff members who made this possible.
Thank you


Dear Madam,
 Firstly, thanks for providing Saravan Kumar an opportunity to be part of the VII-EL class.
 We were inspired to know your Study School vision, technology utilization and benchmark goals during the Virtual school webinar held on 21May2020. Wish you much success and proud to be part of this journey.
 I have noticed my son learning started shifted towards a better understanding with new paradigm, since he started attending the EL course.
 All the teachers were supportive and assisting him.
 We have gone outside the book as per EL lecture for reference. We used Eminent Oswaal NCERT books and in particular Saravan Kumar found a conceptual error on Science subject based on the class teachings, which was accepted by the publisher. The publisher acceptance of gap and communication is enclosed below.
Thanks for sowing such a positive learning seed.
Have a great day!

With Regards,

Suresh Supramaniam