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Annual Report 2020-21

"Resilience is our ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and unforeseen difficulties, providing mental protection from emotional and mental disorders."

Michael Rutter (1985)

      As The Study takes pride in 15 years of academic accomplishment, I would like to go back in time down the memory lane in retrospection. There are so many hands that helped us in this consistent growth and so many hearts that wished good for us and stayed with us as pillars of support at all times. We passed through good times and challenging times, crossed hurdles, witnessed potholes. With gratitude to the Almighty and all the noble souls that stood by us and with pride in my heart, I wish to present my Annual Report for the academic year 2020-2021.

I would like to thank our beloved Founder Chairman Dr. K. M. Cherian, Vice Chairman Dr. Sanjay Cherian, Correspondent Mrs. Sandhya Cherian, School Board members, PTA Members, supportive parents, my pillars of strength- teaching, Non teaching and Administrative staff, torch bearers of The Study…our past pupils, graduating students of class XII and my dear students of The Study for holding the family spirit during this challenging year which started with a Pandemic lockdown and journeyed through ups and downs starting from 23rd March 2020 till date.

The first decade of our existence saw the foundation being laid, not just for buildings but also for realizing our goals and objectives. And when I look around at the school now, I feel overwhelmed with emotions to see the tremendous growth that our school has been through. Thanks to the Divine interventions at all times and our illustrious management for making it all possible.

“The best way to predict future is to create it”

My pillars of strength are my team of strong teachers who have worked tirelessly to make our vision and mission of our school a reality. I would like to appreciate our staff who are the pioneers and stayed with us ever since inception. Teachers who have become a part of The Family subsequently too have added to our vigor as we grow from strength to strength.

Every brick in our school will echo the tales of the kind of hard work and effort that went into growth of our school and grooming of our children. I would like to acknowledge the role of each and every member of The Study for playing their part however insignificant it may seem. I would like to attribute this credit towards growth and success to every member of the Study Family.

I would like to present a few milestones achieved during the academic year 2020-2021.

Online Classes:

The Study was marching ahead in full focus of its set targets in March 2020.

The all-important class 12 and 10 CBSE board exams occupied most of the days since February, with revisions and exams alternatively keeping the senior students and teachers on tenterhooks. The kindergarten, primary and middle schools were silently going about their scheduled annual exams and getting ready for a happy two-week vacation by end of March.

Then came the ripple effect of COVID 19 pandemic which called for a lockdown, Without wasting a day, an emergency staff meeting was called, I met the teachers level-wise and held discussions regarding the situation and formulated the school’s response to this novel situation.

And then we chanced upon Zoom ! The Study has always been a pioneer in adopting technology. So, quickly we embraced Zoom Cloud Meetings and had brainstorming sessions !

We wanted to take this advantage to our students. It was decided during the meeting to adopt this technology for live, interactive online classes. We were the first school in the Union Territory to do so.

Messages were sent out to parents and students about the decision to continue the teaching-learning process using Zoom. They were given guidelines to download the app and register. The teachers meanwhile were learning the app, exploring the features and conducted mock interactive sessions with their student groups.

Then on April 1, the official start of the CBSE Academic Year, The Study brought their entire student community, right from SKG to std 12 under the ambit of the Zoom classes.

Teachers spent their lockdown hours preparing power-points, study materials, class videos, worksheets, assessments and relearning the process of teaching in front of a screen. Screen sharing, whiteboard, enable waiting room, video on, mute etc were practiced and polished by the educators. They were learning to swim against the strong pandemic tide, creating a safe undercurrent for their students by stilling the ripples.

The inaugural sessions were for the senior most students. Now it was a dynamic set-up. Teachers could perceive if their students understood the topics, the latter could raise doubts and it was becoming more effective with each session.

The Study has made the digital foray into academics and co-curriculars confidently, quite early. This pioneering effort has kept The Study Family connected effectively in these times of social distancing.

We then shifted to MS Teams platform, a more Education friendly platform where classroom environment could be brought in with precision. Our teachers got familiar with it, in a matter of few hours. The transition was smooth. Students have learnt that internet can be taken advantage of not just for shoaling, but for schooling too! Time tables were framed with screen time, age group, availability of device for siblings etc taken into consideration.

We resumed regular school in January 2021 for the whole school following Odd and even system and completed the Annual exams for all levels in physical classroom set up. The academic year closed with PTM and distribution of books and accessories to all students for the new academic session 2021-2022.

Launch of E- Newsletter- Cyber Chronicles of The Study!

Our Chairman Dr.KMC always encouraged us to come up with Newsletters on a quarterly basis. We made the best use of this virtual platform of education and came up with the idea of E-Newsletter. We were able to tap the lateral talents of our students and compiled it and released it in the name of Cyber Chronicles of The Study! Our Correspondent MRS. SANDHYA CHERIAN Launched the first edition of the Cyber chronicles on 03rd July'2020 through MS Team. All the members of our Management gave their valuable message to the students and parents during this special occasion.


The 15th Annual Virtual Sports Meet 2020-21 was held on 02nd August at 5.00PM

The Chief Guest Mr. Pradeep Kumar, who is a Dhronacharya Awardee delivered an inspiring speech and honoured the prize winners with certificates online. You may be wondering how the Sport meet was made possible in a Virtual platform. Well our Sports department with the help of the Media club, made it possible. The Sports captains and vice captains along with the House Captains and Vice captains performed the formal March past, oath taking and carrying the Olympic torch in the school ground which was relayed online. The students participated in all track events by sending their videos to the concerned PET teachers, who screened the heats for the timings. The winners were honoured with their videos played for the audience. It was indeed a treat to our eyes and kept our spirits high though the lockdown made us feel sedentary.


It is customary that we observe special weeks each year on some important subject. This year the Math Department came up with very interesting math activities for a week under the title KYMIP-2020 (Know Your Math In Pandemic).

And held the final celebrations on 20th October'2020 at 9.00AM. The entire day was dedicated to display of mathematical skills of our budding Ramanujams and Aryabattas. I appreciate the overwhelming response from the students and parents and the dedication of all the Primary and senior school teachers in the Mathematics department for the very creative display of mathematical skills.


The Cultural fest at The Study was introduced in 2019 to make the Children’s Day a special one marking the importance every child in our school. The committee of staff planned different competitions for the students of all levels starting from September break. The competitors for Dance, Cookery, face painting, singing, instrumentals, story telling, painting, poster making etc sent their videos to the staff incharge for screening. The prize winning entries were compiled together and played for the audience on 13th November'2020 at 09.00AM. The response from the students and parents were overwhelming.


English Elocution competitions were held for the students on 27th July 2020 through MS TEAM. Dr. Prahan and Dr. Aparna Muraleedharan who were the judges appreciated the orators on their confidence, diction and expression.

Tamil Elocution competition was held on 29th July 2020. It was hosted by the Tamil Department with Dr.A.Lakshmi Thathai as the chief guest. She was amazed at the clarity and diction of the students and the fluency with which they delivered the speech.

Debate on the Topic Real fun is in Real or Virtual Field trips was held on 27th August 2020 for which our former Art teacher Mrs. Shanthi Ramachandiran moderated as the guest of honour.


The Debate was held after our students of all classes were taken on a virtual field trip to various places in the month of July and August ,which we couldn’t have dreamt of in a real life situation. Some classes went on far off trips to the moon and the various orbits to land on different planets. Some teachers took their students back in time to meet all the extinct animals. Some classes went abroad, without a passport or a visa and visited the zoos and theme parks in Florida, China and other special countries. Some students visited interesting factories where they got to see the manufacture of mouth watering items. Our teachers unleashed their creativity and made the students enjoy exciting trips.


The Study celebrates most of the Indian religious festivals without any bias or discrimination. These celebrations such Diwali, Christmas, Pongal etc, foster a strong sense of unity in diversity among our students, and also develop a sense of understanding and respect towards other religions.


Christmas celebration this year was marked with a very special visual and audio treat. The English department worked on a play and brought in the true spirit of Christmas through a recorded play "THE STORY of CHRISTMAS" embedded with Christmas carols. The Christmas treat was presented through Live you tube relay on December 22, 2020 after which the school closed for the winter break.


Pongal celebration honouring the farmers and celebrating harvest was held online through class celebrations on 13th Jan'2021 at 2.00pm. The teachers from each class consolidated the talent display of their students highlighting the importance of farming and agriculture.

Pyjama Night

Pyjama Night was organized for the students of class I and II on 6th Feb 2021 taking them into the Fruit world. A night under the starlit skies away from their parents comes as a mini pathfinder camp experience.

Similarly Baby’s Night out was arranged for the kindergarteners on 19th January 2021 on the Theme Flowers.

The Kindergarten students were taken to the world of colours by celebrating Red Day on 12th June, Blue Day on 26th June and Yellow day on 10th July spinning the entire celebration on specific colour themes. The parents of the kindergartners too were involved in the celebration bringing out the child in them.

Teachers Completing 10 years and 5 years:

We have a special tradition to honour our staffs who have contributed 10 years and 5 yrs of service to the institution. This year being taken over by pandemic lockdown, I would like to just acknowledge their services by mentioning their names. It is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ for your committed service to our school. The teachers completing 10 years of service are

Ten Years Completion
  • Mr. Lawrence.M
  • Mr. Jayakumar
  • Mrs. Geetha Ravi
  • Mrs. Shunmugapriya
  • Mrs. Padmapriya.U
Five Years Completion
  • Mrs. Nidhya.P
  • Mrs. Uma Jayakumar
  • Mrs. Bhuwaneswari.V
  • Mrs. Sri Thurcca.S
  • Mrs. Santy Madiajagan
  • Mrs. Shanthi Rajesh
  • Mrs. Anamika Pandey
  • Mrs. Kalainilavu
  • Miss. Jane Augustina
  • Mrs. Reena Samuel
  • Mrs. Francina Aureen O'Brien
  • Mr. Jagdish Mohanty
Ten Years Completion (Auxiliary Staff)
  • Murugan .G
  • Jeyachandran .B
  • K. Lakshmi
  • Rajasekaran .R
  • Subramani .M
Five Years Completion (Auxillary Staff)
  • Prakash .D
  • Selvakumar .P
  • Vinayagam .M
  • Prabu .R
  • Palanisami .V
  • Lalida .S
  • Vijayalakshmi .N
  • Lakshmi .V
  • Selvi .S

Before concluding this report, I bow my head in reverence to the Almighty God for the blessings He has showered upon this institution. May I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to our school management, students, staff teaching and non-teaching, parents, benefactors and well wishers for the whole hearted co operation.

I would like to applaud you for withstanding the challenging situations during the Pandemic year 2020 and emerging out stronger with more resilience and coping skills. I would like to thank The Almighty for safe guarding us from all dangers as we step into the new academic year 2021-2022.

“It is really wonderful how much resilience there is in human nature. Let any obstructing cause, no matter what, be removed in any way, and we fly back to first principles of hope and enjoyment.”

I conclude my report with these words and a prayer to God to keep the wheels rolling amidst all odds.

Dr. Alice Abraham Chacko